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the Prayer TANK

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Tool #1
the Prayer Tank

Over 330 Scripture Verses to Proclaim God's Word. (Each Verse is a button!)

(Huge: 65x30 Inches, Needs a Professional Print shop Printer to print out this size.)
Just the Text Verses     Individual Printable Sections (Chopped Up/PNG/Both Posters)
(14 Categories)

Spiritual Warfare Offense Deliverance-Defense-Protection-Security  Spiritual Growth and Maturity
Blessings and Personal Needs Wisdom-Knowledge-Understanding   God's Glory and Praise
Holiness-Commands-Warnings-Pitfalls-Prevention Heath-Healing-Strength Evangelism
Authority of Believers God's Church Judgments
Names of God Raising up the Oppressed and Needy  

   (PUB for Your Own Editing, Needs MS-Publisher to Work)             ** Everything is UN-copyrighted :-)

Prayer Tank #2 Another 330+ Verses (2 Meters Wide)

Prayer Tank 2 Editable PUB file

Tool #2
the Prayer Tank


To hear the TANK Audio MP3's directly from the Web:
(no downloading necessary) Click Here

Tool #3
the Prayer Tank
Computer Assisted Prayer
(Computer Aided Prayer)
850+ Bible Verses specifically chosen to proclaim God's Word,
17 Categories, Text and Proclamation format, MP3s, Automated
Warfare Offensive, Warfare Defensive, Evangelism + the Harvest, Spiritual Growth and Maturity, Authority of Believers, Position in Christ, Blessings and Personal Needs, Judgments against Evil, Oppression, Tyranny, Justice, and God's Will, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Vision, Revelation, Information, Health and Healing, Church / Congregations / Body of Believers, Holiness / Ways of the Lord / Commands, DONTs, Warnings, Pitfalls, Obstacles, Caution, Raising up the Needy and Oppressed Names of God, Praise God, Miracles/Signs/Wonders/Gifts/Glory, Removing the False Church

PC Only Version:
Full Version
(Big 40MB+)       No Audio Version (Smaller 1MB)
Just (.BAT) Script      (Please send Program Comments/Suggestions/Questions/Issues to Robert@Brownells.net)

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