Pastor Nelson Soo had special meetings every first Saturday of the month from 2 pm in the afternoon where by the leading of the Holy Spirit, he would send some selected members of the congregation on a Study Tour of Heaven. He would walk up and down the aisle of this 800+ members church and then would select about 5-6 members.

He tells them to go to the front of the church and asks them to prepare themselves by asking forgiveness for their sins and for grace to visit Heaven. Then he would point at them with his forefinger and they all would collapse to the floor while their spirits are taken up to Heaven.

About 20 to 30 minutes while they are on the floor, Pastor Nelson shares the Word. Then he would snap his fingers and those members would become conscious again.

I, Joshua Chong, was present in those meetings and this is my eyewitness account. The testimonies from different persons below are selected from among the meetings I attended in 2001. Pastor Nelson Soo passed away in 2009.


I saw many houses of all shapes and sizes belonging to Christians who are still living on earth. In one particular section of Heaven, I saw the house of one pastor that kept on growing in size. It was a huge palatial mansion with more than 200 rooms, each room with a different motif and design. There were a huge gallery and many other special rooms as well.

The angel revealed to me that because this pastor had been obedient to the Holy Spirit in all matters and was faithful, the Lord loved him very much. Jesus would keep on adding more and more rooms to this pastor’s mansion.

When this pastor dies and goes to Heaven, he would continue serving God in Heaven as a teacher. Pastors from other cities in Heaven would also come to his mansion and he would also teach them how to serve God in the right way. The many rooms in his mansion would accommodate these visiting pastors from other cities in Heaven.

In his mansion, there was also a room that has a computer. This computer has the records of the church members that God entrusted to him. This pastor would be able to check the records of his church members from his computer in his mansion.

Christians in Heaven at the moment are wondering whose mansion this is, since this mansion is continually growing in size.

There is also another room in his mansion where there are a refreshing waterfall and spring. As he soaks himself in this spring, he would be refreshed in a way that God only knows how to refresh. This is the reward for his tireless faithfulness in doing what God demanded of him.



I was taken to a place in Heaven where many pastors and evangelists stay. They were given a one-room apartment each. Many of them protested to the Holy Spirit that while they lived on earth, they had made many sacrifices to serve God in the ministry. They have given up lucrative careers, material wealth and comforts, luxuries, holidays and many other things to serve God. They said they deserve better than a one-room apartment.

The Holy Spirit opened their books of records and revealed their works item by item. By the side of each work they did, there was a remark about their motives for doing that particular work. They checked their own records and were astounded by what they saw – every little tiny and hidden motive was revealed.

1 Corinthians 4:5  Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

For example, one had an item that said: Preached at a miracle rally at such-a-such a place at such-a-such a date. Motive: to get more recognition for himself.

Another item: accepted the pastorate of a church in this place. Motive: to receive larger love offerings since there are many rich church members here.

The angel also revealed that since these pastors and evangelists relied on their own strength and ability and didn’t consult the Holy Spirit, hardly any angels could help them in their ministry. Therefore, in Heaven, they will be left to themselves to do things for themselves without the aid of any angels.

Other Christians in other places in Heaven would have the assistance of angels but not these pastors and evangelists. To quell any more complaints from these pastors and evangelists, the Holy Spirit left their books of records at their apartments so that they can continue checking their records if they are still dissatisfied.


The angel also took me to see the mansion of a healing evangelist who is still serving God on earth. Though his mansion was big, his was not as big as another pastor who was unknown by name and face in this world.

The angel took me to the computer room of this healing evangelist to see the files of Christians entrusted to him. The files are normally arranged into two sections. One section would contain the files of Christians who were progressing spiritually as a result of this healing evangelist’s ministry. The other section would contain the files of Christians who were stagnant and willful and whom God will have to deal with many times to perfect them.

Under this famous healing evangelist, the files of Christians who needed to be dealt with by God were stacked high. But under the unknown pastor, the files of Christians who needed to be dealt with by God were few. This unknown pastor was faithful in dealing with the church members and under his preaching and teaching, many experienced breakthroughs from strongholds and progressed spiritually. Thus, this unknown pastor was rewarded with more facilities than the more famous evangelist.



I met a pastor there who had served under a well-known prophet and evangelist, who is still alive and traveling around the world to conduct his miracle crusades and training programs. This pastor died and went to Heaven but he was unhappy to see that his mansion and reward were not up to his expectations. He protested that he had done so much for God.

The Holy Spirit opened his file and revealed the reason why his mansion was smaller than what he expected. While on Earth, he wrote a few books but the Holy Spirit did not authorize those books. The pastor did not consult the Holy Spirit as to whether he should write the books at all. He merely wrote them because it was the “in-thing” to do so. Every other pastor seems to be writing books and he did not want to be left out.

The Holy Spirit revealed that because of this, he suffered some demerits and his reward was reduced accordingly.


I was brought by an angel to see a mansion that was prepared for another well-known evangelist who is still living on earth at this point in time (April 23, 2001). The angel told me that Heaven is expecting him to come up anytime now. When the angel told the Christian the name of the well-known evangelist, he gasped and said, “But how can that be? That evangelist had done so much and won so many souls for Heaven.”

Then the angel revealed the reason. The time of his ministry was over and God wanted him to spend his remaining years on earth to rest. If he had rested, his mansion would have been very huge. But unfortunately, he didn’t seek the will of God, and he went on working in his ministry even though he is in his 80’s. Because of this, he is still incurring demerits and his mansion is reducing accordingly as long as he continues working in his ministry.

He is now suffering from Parkinson’s disease. If he had retired and rested, as God wanted him to, he would not have that disease too. When this particular evangelist stepped out of the will of God, Satan took advantage of this by petitioning God to afflict him with this disease.

Isaiah 30:15 For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.



I also met with another pastor in Heaven. This particular pastor was brought up in a particular historic and traditional denomination. He became a pastor because his parents were both pastors. However, when he was serving as a pastor, he didn’t feel right about his ministry. He preached on notes provided by his parents. He carried on the traditions of his denomination because he was told to do so.

One day, he switched on the TV and heard Morris Cerullo preach on the Holy Spirit. Something stirred up within him and he began an earnest search for the Holy Spirit. He began to receive revelations about the Holy Spirit and slowly it began to dawn on him that what he was doing in the ministry was wrong and misguided and not according to what the Holy Spirit wanted.

He found himself trapped between his love for his parents and the new revelations he received. He knew he couldn’t operate freely in his denomination as the Holy Spirit wanted to as his denomination was too tradition-bound. He cried out to God to take him home early and God answered his prayers. He died not too long after that.

When he arrived in Heaven, he found that he received a huge reward. He had really thought that since he didn’t do much for God, surely his reward would be small in Heaven. But God saw differently – he was rewarded greatly because of his great desire and sacrifice for the truth.

Matthew 25:23 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’

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