Dreams And Interpretations By Dr. Olukoya

Dreams And Interpretations By Dr. Olukoya

There are multitude of dreams that men push aside because they do not know their meaning and they backfire and becomes too late to be helped.

Below Are Some Specific Examples Of Dreams And Interpretations
Food in the dream: the bible says, there is a table of the Lord and also a table of the devil. The food served by night caterers in the dream is to weaken your spiritual life, and your body to pave way for the introduction of strange sicknesses into your body. This is how things are programmed into people’s bodies and such people can no longer carry out spiritual exercises such as bible reading, prayer and fasting etc.
i. Eating dry meat in the dream: this means an open manipulation by witches and wizards to cage you and put sickness in your body. it is also a clever way to feed you with human flesh and you partake in the devil’s table unconsciously.

What is the way out?immediately you have such dreams, wake up and pray and ask the Holy Spirit to purge you immediately. Learn how to resist the enemy and attack them in return with your spiritual weapons. Get a copy of the book
“101 weapons of spiritual warfare.”

ii. Eating porridge in the dream: this is the enemy trying to paralyse your spiritual life and introduce the spirit of unexplainable hatred into you.

What is the way out? you must command the blood of Jesus to purge your stomach spiritually and cleanse your entire blood system. The following prayer points come in handy:”I cleanse my blood with the blood of Jesus. I purge my intestines and stomach with the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus”

iii. Eating rice or beans in the dream: this is one of the most popular ways by which the devil introduces lesser demons into peoples lives to weaken their spiritual ability and power. solid foods such as potatoes, cassava, yam, pounded yam, corn meal etc are poisons to cause terrible and sometimes incurable diseases.

What is the way out? pray and ask the Holy Spirit to purge you. Tell the devil that his weapon fashioned against you shall not prosper. key yourself into the school of power and when next they bring food, you command the caterers to sit down in the name of Jesus and eat the food.

iv. Eating plantain or bananas, whether ripe or unripe: this is poison again introduced by the devils camp into your body to make you lose interest in anything that has to do with your destiny.

What is the way out? pray and ask the Holy Spirit to purge you and renounce the devil and his wicked works. Confess that you are a child of God and that no man can pluck you out of the hands of God.

v. Eating sand, dust and clay: this is the devil’s attack to cause spiritual heaviness and lower your spiritual stamina,

what is the way out? pray and ask the holy spirit to purge and strengthen you, and that all the powers that leaked out your virtues should return them by fire and by force.

vi. Eating in a party: This is clearly a spiritual strategy to disorientate you spiritually and physically.

what is the way out? stand up immediately and pray to scatter that party with the fire of the Holy Ghost. also, tell the holy spirit to help you shift your attention away from the things of the world. cancel the counsel of the devil against your life by the blood of Jesus

2. Climbing a mountain with great difficulty: It means the enemy is about to bring difficult situations against you. the enemy is bent on hindering your success. it is to make you toil in vain. What is the way out? Command the mountain to mone into the sea and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to your place of destiny.

3. Seeing yourself on top of a mountain or a bridge while looking down with fear: this is the devil’s attempt to pull you down from your high position. It could affect you physically, materially, financially or spiritually. It is an agenda to pull you down.

What is the way out? pray and ask the Holy Spirit to carry you to your desired place. reject every call of demotion upon your life, and refuse to come down from your place of glory. Instead, let fire fall in the order of prophet Elijah.

4. Descending a mountain and it is slippery: this means hindrance to a peaceful life.

What is the way out? pray and ask the Holy Spirit to smoothen your path and straighten the rough patches.

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