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The Christian Church is in a Civil War.  Whether we like it or not, the devil's most powerful army is INSIDE the Church. Many Christians are unknowingly in the enemy's army, listening to the enemy's voice and thinking it is the voice of God.

They are used by the enemy to ATTACK, SLANDER, EXPOSE and NEUTRALIZE strategic Christian advances and movements.  Every great advancement of the Church in history was sabotaged from within.  satan's army is a very powerful army, able to do great damage to the Lord's Church, because its attacks come from where they are least expected, from within.  And because this army is among us, it may be difficult to spot.

If you listen carefully to the Christians that are in the devil's army, you will hear the voice of the accuser of the brethren.  Though they may be very religious, refined and educated; though they may be serving the Lord; though their speech may be peppered with Bible quotes and they may recite many scriptural truths; the motivation of their hearts is more to accuse than to intercede. 

They deal in the faults of others like a gambler deals with cards, exposing every sin, flaw or doctrinal error that a person has made.  In pretending to be sheep dogs, defending the flock, they are actually more like wolves, that seek to divide us.

These are our own Christian brothers and sisters in the enemy's camp. We should not fight against them, but against the powers that hold them captive. We must fight to set them free, and bring them back into the Lord's army.

The battle lines are drawn: we CAN NOT ignore this war any longer. We have lost too much ground and too many souls to this army.  We must now fight for complete victory!

This Christian Civil War has been prophesied by other people, and shown to me in a dream.

In my Dream:  I saw the Lord's Church represented as a military base.  Everybody on the base had different positions and jobs. There were ground soldiers, fighter pilots, guards, captains, generals, etc.  Everything looked normal and in order.  But then I noticed something strange.  While everyone was going about their duties, all of a sudden, a group of OUR ground soldiers (who looked like Storm Troupers) started marching in complete unity toward a particular area of the base.  This group was comprised of people from all of the different areas on the base.   They marched in lock step, as though they were being given orders by some unseen force, and moved onto wooden platforms that were high above the entrance of the airplane hanger.  The rest of us were amazed, and didn't know what to make of them.   When they reached the edge of the platforms they all pulled out AK-47 assault rifles.  I looked on in amazement and said to myself, "What are you guys doing? Who are you responding to?"  Then an airplane came out from the hanger, and all the soldiers opened fire on it.  The pilot didn't have a chance.  Such a hail of bullets came against him that his airplane was quickly destroyed.  The pilot could not go fast enough to escape.  I thought, "BETRAYAL!"  The rest of us who were not part of this group started running in fear.  The group shot down one plane after another; it was a complete slaughter.  All the pilots tried to go top speed out of the hanger, but they did not stand a chance.  We were losing all our best fighter pilots.  In real terms, one pilot in the air was more powerful that 100 ground soldiers, but none of the pilots could get airborne.
Then one pilot took a different path.  Instead of trying to escape and save his own life, he turned his plane straight at the wooden platforms that the soldiers were standing on, and crashed right into it, sacrificing himself.  This collapsed the platforms, killing many soldiers in the betraying army and breaking its unity, throwing it into confusion. They where still hostile toward us, but they were no longer in unity. My dream then ended.

A much more complete explanation of this army of the accuser was shown in THIS VISION.

This war became blatantly obvious to me when I began building this website.  While investigating people who were given face-to-face visitations with Jesus Christ, I saw a clear and organized effort to discredit them.  So much slander was leveled against these people that anyone investigating them would likely be turned away before they ever heard their testimonies.

For example, a simple Google search on Rick Joyner’s name, returned results in which four of the top five were negative, with three being blatantly accusational.  "Dangerous teacher," "Self-proclaimed Prophet," "False teacher," "A man in the grip of evil deceit," "The spirit of darkness and deception," "Most unsound and dangerous teacher," etc.  By comparison, Ted Kaczynski, the so-called Unabomber who murdered many people by mail bombs, was given more favorable Internet publicity than Joyner.  Similar accusations have been made against many of the people shown on this site.  In fact, entire Christian websites have been dedicated to discrediting many of God's people.  In many cases there are more attacks coming from within the Church than from secular sources!

Recently many attacks have come against the Lakeland-Florida Revival

These attacks claim that many of the reports of healing miracles are false, and that the revival is not of God.  However, I traveled to Lakeland, Florida and personally interviewed 25 people who were miraculously healed. Their healings were confirmed by multiple sources, including pastors, relatives and friends.  I also witnessed hundreds of other miracles and signs, but was unable to interview all those who were effected.

This army that attacks strategic moves of God is filled with many well-intentioned Christians that have been deceived by the "angel of light." They listen to the voice of the accuser, thinking it is the voice of Jesus.  Many of us were at one time a part of this army and being used by the devil, but have since repented. When a Christian learns the real voice of the Shepherd, he or she will either never join this army or leave it if they had been deceived into joined it.

Below are some hard lessons I have learned about accusation:

1.  If you are opposing the work or manifestation of the Holy Spirit, you may be dangerously close to blaspheming the Holy Spirit.  Don't risk it!!!
2.  Those who are not prophets, and who do not recognize true prophets, are NOT experts on discerning who are false prophets.
3.  Those who do not have a healing ministry should not criticize those who do.
4.  Those who do not receive visions from the Lord, and do not even believe in this gift, are NOT qualified to determine which visions are not from the Lord.
5.  Those who do not have angelic encounters, should not claim expertise in discerning which encounters are true.
6.  Those who do not speak in tongues, should not instruct others regarding this gift.
7.  Those who are not conducting revivals, should not criticize those who are.
8.  Those who do not have a shepherd's heart, should not pretend to be our shepherd.
9.  Those who have not had visitations from the Lord, been given tours of heaven, experienced manifestations of the Holy Spirit, or been slain in the Spirit, should NOT claim authority on these things or criticize those who have experienced them.

It is similar to when the Pharisees told Jesus that He should not heal on the Sabbath.  They were not healing on ANY day, so what right did they have to tell Jesus how to heal.

This army has been used against every advancement of the Church. We can no longer just sit back and assume that this army is just a group of concerned Christians who disagree with us.

We need to recognize the difference between when someone is simply disagreeing with us, and when someone is listening to the enemy. When Peter rebuked Jesus in Matt 16:22, Jesus didn't say, "Peter, I see you have a different point of view." No, Jesus said, "Get behind me satan" Jesus correctly identified the voice of satan, even when it came from a close friend.

We must...

1.  counter falsehoods from the army of the accuser, in the media and on the Web,
2.  confront those who are listening to the enemy, like Jesus confronted Peter,
bring to light the things they are trying to discredit and slander,
4.  pray that their accusations will be rejected and not spread,
5.  intercede for their freedom, and
6. most of all, pray for the Lord's redemptive judgment (not man's wrathful judgment). The Lord's judgment can always be trusted, because He sees all and knows the motivations of the heart. While our judgments can be misguided and wrong, the Lord’s judgments are ALWAYS right.

We must win this battle in the Spirit, not in the flesh. Now Pray Hard and get to work! We must now fight for complete victory.

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**Revisions and Corrections made by John H. List of Videos

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