Ben 10 And Other Cartoons Are Demonic For Children

Ben 10 may seem like harmless entertainment to keep your sons away from
sinful behaviour when you’re trying to get a few moments alone for
prayer. Traditionally, our kids’ TV series would have witches, ghosts
and other abominations to get our kids to do witchcraft and other
demonic ritual sacrifices.


Luckily the good Christians in the world
fought that battle over a decade ago and won against Satan with the help
and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. Satan has emerged this time with
Ben 10, his sick, twisted, perverted, cruel, torturous, disgusting way
of subliminally replacing witches and demons with aliens.

This is where it gets really sad and deeply, deeply disturbing. Ben Tennyson,
an innocent little boy, is “accidentally” sent an evil, enchanted watch
by a hideously mutated demonic alien called Vilgax, obviously another
name for Satan. This cursed watched from the devil seduces Ben Tennyson
into its electromagnetic field, where a thousand demons lay in wait on
the spirit plane, and lunges onto Ben’s left hand, refusing to be
removed. First of all, it’s no coincidence it chose the left hand; the
left-hand path is traditionally associated with Satanism.


The watch’s
refusal to be removed is analogous to Satan’s refusal to ever leave his


As you can see, the devil is subtle these days and still
targeting kids series because he knows kids are easy to manipulate. The
subtleties continue as I will explain and please get your child
exorcised of demons as soon as possible if you catch him watching this
program. If your daughter watches Ben 10, she is a toyboy and a lesbian
trying to act like a male child. Get help immediately if you catch her
defiling her godliness like that. You cannot act too soon when it comes
to spiritual matters such as these. Your child should only watch good,
clean Christian movies endorsed by

Animated movies should be burned as all witches should be burned. Animation is a mockery
of God’s world, because animation reduces everything to simple colours
and unnatural movements made by the actors. These unnatural movements
are suggestive of demonic possession.


Speaking of demonic
possession, Ben’s cursed watch makes him get possessed by demons and
sometimes Satan himself. Oh no, not just possessed; Ben changes form to
the demon itself. This is a show of Satan’s tyrannous, egomaniac lust
for power over mankind’s affairs. Only God is in control, and this
program suggests that the course of Ben’s life is determined by Satan,
AKA Vilgax. Satan spends series 1, 2, and 3 trying to destroy the
demonically possessed Ben Tennyson, amassing an army of demons to bring
him down in the last episode of series 1 – “Ben 10 verse negative 10”.
Needless, to say, Satan/Vilgax always fails. That’s about the only good
thing about the series. It’s a pity Ben had to turn into a demonic alien
to do so. Well, maybe not. He got those demons to fight against each
other. If this series were reality, Ben would be doing God’s will on


Ben’s cousin, Gwen Tennyson, is unfortunately a witch, a
demon in human form. She is known in the series as an energy being, a
name that denies there’s a demon in the family. Gwen is such a sweet,
young lady, or so it seems. Demons behave in this fashion to manipulate
and possess people. In one episode when Gwen is rightfully put in
prison, her true nature comes out. She breaks out of prison and brings
misfortune on random people’s lives, just as Satanic filth have always
been known to do. Luckily, their Grandpa Max, a demon hunter, finds out
what’s going on and exorcises a part of the demon in Gwen with godly



This would be a wonderful Christian program if it did
not exist for the sole purpose of making fun of Christianity and warping
the boundaries of morality in such a way. In the real world, aliens
don’t exist, because they’re not mentioned in the Bible, no ifs and
buts. All true Christians are getting sick and tired of people
interpreting the Bible as they see fit. The Bible is not there to be
used by people to manipulate others into believing in aliens and
dinosaurs; there is a Ben 10 dinosaur alien called Humungosaur. It’s
Ben’s favourite alien demon, because of its brute strength and immense


This is the homosexual, pedophilic element in Ben 10. It
is perverse for a 10-year-old boy to favour a staunch bodybuilding
adult dinosaur. This series is blatantly encouraging pedophiles to look
for innocent kids and it’s also encouraging kids to look for muscular,
fully-grown men in search of Ben 10 dinosaur fantasies. What is really
sad is Ben becomes the dinosaur for up to 10 minutes, that is he mutates
into one. This is suggestive of the act of being sodomized and another
concern is Ben’s 10-minute limit for being such a dinosaur. Ten minutes
is all it takes to be sodomized. Everyone who is sodomized becomes
homosexual as Christian scientists have proven conclusively.


Keep your children away from Cartoon Network, because it shows cartoons and
Ben 10. All cartoons are evil because, well, it’s an oversimplification
and misrepresentation of God’s precious world. Make your children only
watch Christian programs that aren’t animated. If you catch your child
rebelling against this wisdom, you may hit him/her until mental clarity
enters him/her. The Bible does say in the book of Psalms that if you
don’t discipline your child, you don’t love your child. A child with
godly bruises is a beloved, demon-free child who is free from all pain
and suffering. Amen

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