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How satan stops Christians from receiving the Prayer Language
+How to receive the Gift of Toungues
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Praying in Tongues
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How satan stops Christians from receiving the Prayer Language.
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satan has had a very successful campaign in preventing Christians from getting the Gift of Tongues. There are so many lies and misunderstanding in the church about this gift.
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In short, satan allows the Church to talk about it, study it, debate about it, have nice doctrinal discussions about it, as long as they just NEVER get it.
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What good is a soldier that knows all about guns, but doesnít have one.
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Not using this Gift has crippled the Church, preventing many believers from maturing on to the Higher Gifts. Itís time to use the Gifts that God has given us.
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If youíre a Christian who doesn't have the Prayer Language yetÖ Get It!
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Stop making excuses of why you don't need it, or how you failed to get it before.
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and if you already have the giftÖ
Use It. Stir It Up
It doesn't do any good if it lies dormant.
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Letís look at some of the LIES that have prevented Christians from receiving this gift.
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Lie #1:
Itís from the devil, satan is speaking through you.
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There no example in the bible of the gift of tongues being from satan?
No one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says, "Jesus be cursed," and no one can say, "Jesus is Lord," except by the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor 12:3
if I pray in tongues, my spirit is praying,
1 Cor. 14:14
So the gift of Tongues is not from the devil.
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Lie #2:
Itís not for everyone.
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The problem with this thinking is that everyone in the first church received the gift of the prayer language.
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Letís look at what it says in Acts 2
When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one placeÖAll of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.  Acts 2:1,4
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And according to one of my pastor friends, he was leading a revival meeting where 300 people came forward to receive this gift. And when he prayed, all 300 people received the gift. So what are the chances that this gift is only for some people and not for others. Itís available to anyone who has faith to receive it.
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Lie # 3:
I already tried, It didnít work, I canít receive it.
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In my experience, a simple 5 minute prayer to receive this gift may not be enough. Maybe some anointed pastors can do it that quick, but for me, Iíve seen that a person will have to press in, and pray hard to receive it.
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Teaching people about this gift will stir up their faith to receive it. You may need to pray more than 1 hour, to receive it.  So be patient.
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The people who usually have difficulty receiving this gift are religious people, because their minds are full of spiritual sounding arguments for why they canít get it, or why they donít need it, or why itís not important.
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After I received the prayer language, the next day I was having trouble starting it. So I wrongly thought that I must have lost it.
I thought, ďOh no, I must have done some sin, or some mistake and now I lost the gift.Ē
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But the bible says in Romans 11:29, that Godís Gifts are irrevocable, meaning that Heís not going to take them back. Just because youíve made a mistake doesnít mean your going to lose this gift. In fact, a Christian can be living in sin, and still be exercising supernatural gifts.
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The gift of tongues does NOT guarantee your salvation.   One Christian may NOT have the gift and get to Heaven, and another Christian may have it, yet wind up in Hell. So donít let spiritual gifts get your prideful.   And remember, you canít lose the gift, But if you havenít used the gift for a while, well then according to (2 Tim 1:6) you may need to stir up the gift of God.
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In my friendís testimony, He was evangelizing on the streets of Chicago when he met a prostitute, who was probably high on drugs. This woman accepted Jesus and receive the gift of tongues, instantly.
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And in no time, sheís walking up and down the street with her hands in the air, praising God, and using her prayer language.  If she can receive it, so can you!
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Lie #3:
We donít need it.
And the truth is, this is manís wisdom at itís worst. God is not so confused as to give the Church a gift that it doesnít need. What we really donít need in the Church is manís wisdom.
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Most of the Church is NOT working in the Supernatural.  No Visions,
No Prophecy, No Miracles,
No Healings, No Deliverance, No Revivals
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1 Cor 4:20 The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of POWER.
We need to Power of God, working in the Churches.
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Lie #4:
The gift ended after the Early Church.
No it didnít.
Millions of Christians have this gift today.
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These signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; Mark 16:17
So, the Gift of Tongues has not ended.
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Lie #5:  
Itís Weird!
The truth is, how can you be a Christian and be afraid of the supernatural. Thatís like being a fisherman, and being afraid of the water. A Christian must be able to handle the supernatural.
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This is just The Fear of Man
The fear of man, prevents many Christians from working in the Supernatural.
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My sister's prayer language sounded very strange, nothing like a Natural Language. And many people would have guessed that it was fake. But one day she sat next to a person who spoke Inuit, a rare Eskimo Indian language. After hearing my sisters prayer language, the man said, ďLady, do you even know what youíre saying?...Youíre saying a beautiful prayer to God.Ē So even though her prayer language didnít sound natural, it was legitimate. So donít judge a prayer language by manís wisdom, because it doesnít sound normal.
Sometimes Christianís may already have a prayer language, but just not know it.
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And be on your guard, satan will people around you to discourage you from using your gift.

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Lie #6
Our Church doesnít focus on Spiritual Gifts.
This is just a religious way of saying,
ďWeíre ignoring Spiritual GiftsĒ  
** Lie#6 Slides are not in the video

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Can you image a church saying,
ďWeíre not focusing on forgivenessĒ
or ďWeíre no focusing on HolinessĒ
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Let's look at some of the benefits of using the Prayer Language.
It edifies and builds up your Spirit.
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He who speaks in a tongue edifies himselfÖ1 Cor. 14:4 Öbuild yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit Jude 1:20
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Letís look at Paul, his faith was very strong. He said ÖI thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you. 1 Cor 14:18
If it was good for Paul, then itís good for you.
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According to many testimonies, the Gift of Tongues hinders evil spirits. And this gift is often used in Deliverance, the driving out demonic spirits. If youíre going to fight the good fight against satan, Praying in the Holy Spirit is a powerful weapon.
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The prayer language is how God started the first Church.   In Acts 2 All the disciples were together in one place, they were filled with the Holy Spirit and Spoke in Tongues.  And in that 1 day, about 3000 people came to Jesus.
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Well if that is the way God started the first Church, then it is NOT very wise of us to skip this important step?
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In fact, Jesus said, Öwait, until you have been clothed with power from Heaven. Luke 24:49
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The fact is that many Christians are exhausted, because they are NOT Empowered from Heaven! They are working in their own strength, not Godís. So they feel tired and over burdened serving God, even though Jesus said My Yoke is easy, my Burden is light. (Matt 11:30) These Christianís need to be empowered from Heaven! Thatís the plan of God.
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In most cases, (not all) Christians that work in the Higher Gifts of the Spirit started with the Prayer Language first. Because it edified and built up their faith.
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The Pray Language allows a person to pray for several hours.
Before the Gift of the Prayer Language, my prayer time was about 15 minutes long. After 15 minutes, everything that my mind could think of was said, I ran out of things to pray.
But with this gift I was able to pray several hours, switching back and forth from my Prayer Language to my Natural Language.
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Iíve been to many All Night Prayer Meetings, and found that usually the people who can pray in these All Night Meetings, are those Christians with the gift of Tongues
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And another benefit for having the Prayer Language is that once you have it, you can start praying that others would receive it. As Jesus said in John 3:6, Spirit gives birth to spirit. If fact, the Christians with the gift, should be searching for others to share it with, as Jesus said, freely youíve received, freely give.
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How do you get the Prayer Language
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ÖEagerly Desire Spiritual Gifts, 1 Cor 14:1
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Find a church or Prayer Group that is using the gift.  My own home church was not distributing this gift, so I had to visit another church to receive it.
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Ask them to pray for you to receive the gift.
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But donít give up, I've found that getting people to receive the gift is like delivering a baby. For many people it just doesn't happen in 5 minutes. I usually need to pray intently with others for about 1 hour before someone received the gift.
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Beware of a demon called Ďstop-Tongueí, this is a religious spirit that is among many Christians. When a person is about the receive the gift of tongues, this evil spirit will flood their minds with every religious sounding arguments for not receiving the Prayer Language, along with every fear and worry about tongues. Donít be surprised if many religious leaders in your Church have this religious spirit.
I had it myself
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When a pastor was praying for me to receive the gift of Tongues, right when I started using it, a powerful voice came into my mind, A religious spirit saying ďStop it, oh this is so fake, youíre moving your own mouth, they are tricking you, this is so weird, this is not from God, youíre doing it yourself. Youíre just babbling, thatís NOT how to pray!Ē    I had to fight to shut this voice up, and ignore all my fears. You must ignore satanís voice to receive this gift.
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So What Are You Waiting For?
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Stop making excuses and just

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