The Mystery Of Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance from Witchcraft Attack

The Mystery Of Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance from Witchcraft Attack Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against […]

Who Is Your Number One Household Enemy?

Who Is Your Number One Household Enemy ? The first household enemy is your individual character. Your character attests of the type of testimonies that will erupt in your life. Many had missed their blessing […]

Evil Dreams

Evil Dreams Evil dreams are dreams that come from evil alters set up by demons who seeks to afflict and oppress people in their dreams. Once an evil alter is erected, immediately one will find […]

Spirit Spouses

Spirit Spouses A spirit spouse is a demonic spirit that marries a human’s spirit and this is normally done in the dream through sexual intercourse. I must make it clear that there are spirit husbands […]

Evil Covenants

Evil Covenants A Covenant is defined as an agreement between two or more people. There are covenants that are of God Almighty and there are evil covenants that connect people to the kingdom of darkness. […]

Homosexual Spirits

Homosexual Spirits Homosexual spirits are demonic entities that will cause an individual to become sexually attracted to people of the same sex. This is a demon from the marine kingdom and a very wicked spirit that for […]

The Spirit of Lust

The Spirit of Lust Lust is defined in the dictionary as strong sexual desire; however, lust can manifest itself in many ways apart from strong sexual desires. In this article I will focus on the […]