Who Is Your Number One Household Enemy?

Who Is Your Number One Household Enemy ? The first household enemy is your individual character. Your character attests of the type of testimonies that will erupt in your life. Many had missed their blessing […]

Meaning of Evil Dreams

Meaning of Evil Dreams Having sex in the dream – this is a sign that you have a spirit spouse who will do everything in its power to destroy your earthly marriage just to keep […]

Evil Dreams

Evil Dreams Evil dreams are dreams that come from evil alters set up by demons who seeks to afflict and oppress people in their dreams. Once an evil alter is erected, immediately one will find […]


Deliverance Deliverance from a spiritual outlook I’ll say is the freedom from evil spirits that dwells within human beings, it also means to be rescued from satanic bondages and release from evil covenants. EVIL Spirits […]

Destiny Destroyers

Destiny Destroyers Destiny destroyers are vicious demons that operate under the kingdom of darkness. They work assiduously and destructively to scatter people’s lives. Such demons are well organized and gain their happiness through the sorrow of […]